Website Redevelopment

Brothers Michael Goodall and Malachy McDaid (and Ultan McDonagh) worked with Supreme Communications Officer Colm O’Farrel to revamp the order website to modernise our public image bringing the order into the 21st century.

The existing website served a purpose but it needed a bit of an update, we’ve worked hard to redevelop the public facing site from the ground up to portray a more modern image of the Order. We also have rewritten the members area which we know is much anticipated by Brothers and we hope it will be as well received as we hope!

Supreme Communications Officer Colm O’Farrell

The development team have put hundreds of hours into the site fueled on pizza, beer and sandwiches, this input of skills from within the order has ensured we have a new site for practically no cost to the order. their efforts and expertise is greatly appreciated.