Croagh Patrick Challenge


The Order has organised a climb of Croagh Patrick on Saturday the 28th of August at 10.00 am.
We look forward to seeing all members and their families and friends there. Let’s Climb Together!

This is not a pilgrimage as such, but rather a team building day for all Brothers in the Order and their families. We hope to be accompanied by a priest and have mass at the summit, this is still be be confirmed. This has been a tough few years for our Order and we see this as a great opportunity for bonding as well as a great day out for all.

Entry fee of €10, with all proceed going to Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne’s, Immaculata Productions
All participants will receive a free Order commemorative t-shirt.

So lets get those walking boots out of storage, polished and ready for a day on the mountain….

For further details contact: