Council of the Year 2021

This years Supreme Council Meeting (2021) took place in the LaMon Hotel Belfast and via Zoom on 8th-10th October. This was the first hybrid Supreme Council meeting in the Orders history and has been as a result of the on going Covid-19 pandemic.

On average there were over 55 Brothers attending in person with a similar number taking part on line via Zoom.
Brothers attended from all areas throughout the country. All Covid restrictions and legislation were adhered to at all times.
The Council of the Year Awards were announced on the Saturday afternoon session by the Deputy Supreme Knight, Bro. Adrian King.

The following were the Councils shortlisted:
CK2 North Belfast
CK4 Bangor/North Down Ards
CK11 Lurgan
CK19 QUB Belfast
CK29 Drumbo / Carryduff
CK32 Drogheda
CK45 Athlone
CK98 Ballinasloe

The winner was CK2 North Belfast.

Of the eight councils nominated as finalists for the Council of the Year 2020, Area 2 was fortunate to have four in this grouping – Councils CK02, CK04, CK19 & CK29.

The worthy winners were CK02 (North Belfast) which had a wide variety of projects and works of spiritual development.

Their year started in January with the traditional Filipino tradition of the Novena to Santo Nino (Holy Infant Jesus), with the statue of Santo Nino being presented to the Parish Priest of St. Vincent de Paul parish, Fr. Devlin

Like many councils, CK02 had a community outreach programme during the first Covid lockdown and supported families in the parish of St. Vincent de Paul Belfast with groceries and other necessities.

They assisted in the clean-up of the St. Joseph’s Centre for the Deaf and undertook mountain hikes and summer barbeques.

Their flagship project is the Fishermen/Seafarer Outreach programme, where Brothers, after being trained online, deliver practical and moral support to Asian fishermen/seafarers in the Belfast port and fishing ports under the Apostleship of the Sea. In addition, the Brothers also distributed Holy Communion to the seafarers and this is an on-going project.

All in all, CK02 are worthy winners of the Council of the Year award for 2020 and I want to extend our congratulations to Bro. Oscar (GK) and to all the Brothers of CK02 for the fantastic effort they put into the Council – an inspiration to all Brothers