To Restore All Things In Christ
Promoting Our Faith

The domestic church is believing that how you live your faith in your councils, families, parishes and community has a ripple effect that changes the world.

It is the council, the family and the parish that knows that everything they do must be based in surrendering prayer.

Fraternity and Brotherhood

For many Brothers within the Order, one of the most appealing attributes is the number of new friends made, from all walks of life, right across Ireland and far beyond. 


Living Out Our Faith

As Christians, our understanding of our faith is both Christocentric and Trinitarian. Our faith flows from a deep appreciation, love and connection to the living God.



The more humble and simple our works, the more able we are to perform the works of God for others. As an Order and as Catholics, we have a responsibility to serve, comfort and encourage others to do good works in Christ’s name.


The Apostolate

The Knights of Saint Columbanus are involved in many areas of evangelisation at a local and national level. In placing our Order under the patronage of St. Columbanus, our founders were mindful of his missionary zeal in bringing the good news of salvation to all.


Social Justice and the Common Good

As Brothers, we must ask ourselves, what are the demands for social justice and the common good in today’s society, and how do we meet that demand? As Knights and as Christians, we are called to be ‘stewards of God’s creation’ here on earth today. We are at our best when we are in communion with others, in relationships, and among friends, but not alone, as we are social creatures. The Order of the Knights of Saint Columbanus offers that camaraderie as we strive to deliver the social mission of the Church.