Executive authority is vested in the Council of Directors. The COD shall have the authority to interpret the Constitution and Laws of the Order and cause them to be implemented and administered. They shall exercise supervision over all the affairs of the order. The COD is vested with all authority and power not specifically vested in another constituted body or member of the Order in its Constitution or Laws and may, by regulation, delegate such authority or power to any constituted body or member of the Order. The Order shall only be bound in dealing with third parties by those constituted bodies or Officers specifically authorised in its Laws or by Regulation of the COD.

The Council of Directors is composed of the following:

  • The Supreme Knight
  • Supreme Executive
  • All Past Supreme Knights
  • The Provincial Grand Knights of each Provincial Area
  • The Deputy Provincial Grand Knights of each Area
  • Additional members ( up to 4 can be co-opted on a yearly basis)