Council 29 (Drumbo & Carryduff – Area 2) commissioned a set of 9 videos explaining each part of the Mass.

Understanding The Mass (Episode 1)

Understanding The Mass (Episode 2)

Did you ever notice that Priests wear different coloured vestments at certain times of the year? In episode 2 Dermot and Caitlin find out.

Understanding The Mass (Episode 3)

Why do we sit, stand and kneel?
A big thank you to The Good Shepherd Church for letting us film there.

Understanding The Mass (Episode 4)

Did you know that Mass is divided into 4 parts?
In this weeks episode Caitlin and Dermot talk to Fr. Michael about the significance of The Introductory Rites.

Understanding the Mass (Episode 5)

Caitlin and Dermot talk to Fr Michael about The Liturgy Of The Word (Part1)

Understanding The Mass (Episode 6)

Liturgy of the Word (Part2)
What is the significance of Catholics [the laity] participating in this part of the Mass and in particular, reciting the Alleluia and Creed? he

Understanding The Mass (Episode 7)

Understanding The Mass (Episode 8)

The Liturgy of the Eucharist (Part 2)
In this episode Caitlin, Dermot and Fr Michael visit St Colmcilles Parish in East Belfast to discuss one of the earliest names for the Eucharistic celebration, the breaking of bread. Why is it called The Fraction Rite?
Also Fr. Vincent gives us an extremely interesting fact about what happened to St Colmcilles Parish in 1940.

Understanding The Mass (Episode 9)

Candles, incense, flowers!
In this episode Father Michael explains to Caitlin and Dermot the significance of the candles,
incense and flowers during a mass.

A short video on Fr Michael Sheehan

In this video Fr Michael Sheehan talks about his role as a priest and his future hopes for the Parish Of Drumbo and Carryduff.