The Knights urge  NO: NO votes in the forthcoming Referendums.

Supreme Knight of St. Columbanus,  John Murphy urges citizens to vote No in respect of the two constitutional votes being held on March 8.  

The Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus wholly endorse and support the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference statement on the Family and Care Referendums issued on the 25th February 2024. 

He is strongly of the view that these Referendums will not improve the lot of Irish women and men. In particular in relation to the Family amendment, “marriage” entails a public and legal commitment, the term “durable relationship” is shrouded in legal uncertainty, open to wide interpretation and will result in years of legal argument for  what end?

In relation to the Care amendment and argumentation for its adoption, the current Article 2 emphatically  does NOT state that a woman’s place is in the ” home”. Neither does it excuse men of their duties and responsibilities to the home and family. The proposed amendment would abolish all references to motherhood in the constitution. The present constitutional wording does NOT in any way  inhibit women from working or taking their proper place in social, economic and public life.

He encourages all citizens to cast their ballot on March the 8th and on the basis of the common good to vote No in relation to both Referendums.


The Knights of St Columbanus is a 32 county Catholic  organisation, headquartered in Dublin, with members both lay and clerical. Its aim is to “Restore All things in Christ”. John Murphy was recently elected its Supreme Knight and is a lawyer by profession. The organisation was formed in Belfast in 1915.