The Northern Area Committee (NAC) is formed from Areas 2, 3 4 and 10. Its main role is to support the Primary and Provincial Councils in the North of Ireland. This was set up due to the difference in legislation and issues that were/are predominately found in Northern Ireland. Matters such as Civil Rights, Religious Discrimination, employment discrimination etc.

Membership of the NAC is open to all Primary Grand Knights and Deputies, Provincial Grand Knights and Deputies and those elected onto its management Executive team.

In the past the NAC has lobbied Stormont and local Government level in areas such as employment, Anti-Abortion and Precious Life, Catholic education and all religious hatred and discrimination, to name a few. It has been actively protesting against the introduction of new abortion legislation in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Colm O’Farrell (Deputy Char NAC) with the new Fetal Scanner
Fight to prevent the Euthanasia Bill being introduced to Northern Ireland
Promoting Catholic Education projects NAC Chairman with Bishop of Derry Donal McKeown

Its recent projects have included the funding of pre-neotal scanners for Precious Life, enabling an effective scanning and advice service to those women contemplating abortion.

In education it has provided funds for the refurbishment of school oratories in several post-primary schools and colleges and has funded the QUB Chaplaincy’s retreat project enabling potential entrants into University the opportunity to see what life is like and what support is available to young Catholics entering third level education for the first time. This project is also support by the QUB Council of Knights CK19.

The NAC is also at the forefront of promoting vocations among Catholic men and women and are about to start production on a promotional DVD and online presence to promote and encourage participation in all vocations.