The need for our Order is more vital today than ever. In Ireland, we are now in a deep crisis of faith. Our Church is wounded, our Priests are few, our vocations are at an all-time low, and unborn children are being murdered in the name of ‘choice’, and ‘healthcare’. Traditional marriage and family values have been destroyed in the name of progression and equality. Our politicians now tell us that Euthanasia is next, as they strive to kill our young and our old.

We watch in despair daily, at the systematic destruction of our Catholic values in towns, schools, workplaces and sadly, in some cases within our own families and among our friends.
We have now been forced to live in the new Ireland by what seems to be a Godless majority, intent on destroying thousands of years of Catholic culture, heritage and faith, in the name of choice and progression
Aggressive Secularism continues to tear at the very principles and fabric of our Catholic faith daily. It continues to erode religion from public life in various formats, as we listen to politicians stating religious virtues can have no place in politics or public life.
We are increasingly moving into an era that does not respect the freedom of religious practice and conscience, but regrettably, one that continually tries to reduce the freedom of religion to freedom of worship only. Now, during these even more difficult times of Covid 19, we see our ability to practice our faith and attend Church, removed completely when we need it most.
What was once defined as marriage and family values have now changed beyond recognition, and the attacks on denominational schools are never-ending, in a bid to eradicate Catholic teaching and culture.
In Northern Ireland, all religious denominations are being forced to accept and tolerate abortion without any consultation or opinion.
Our Church is struggling with a fall in religious vocations, a fall in Church attendance, and an ageing prelate.
As Church attendance falls, we note that children of all ages are no longer being brought to Church by parents who no longer want to attend. What chance do they have, or does our Catholic faith have if we continue to slide into the abyss of a faithless culture without God?

Recession, Unemployment, social deprivation, the effects of Brexit and now Covid 19, are all issues that threaten the inner stability of our society.
Alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness, poverty and deep depression are on the increase, showing a relentless rise in social and moral decline.
All of these issues must be addressed by an informed and committed laity at every level through schools, the shop floor, community, and national media networks. Our Order seeks to supply the necessary impetus to aid in this fight. We need men to join our Order, to stand up and be counted, as we continue to try and implement and retain the values and morals of a Christian society.

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The development and work of the member Orders of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights is the fulfillment of the vision of Servant of God Rev. Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus, USA. Knights throughout the world give thanks to Almighty God for this holy and virtuous priest, especially on the 14th of August each year, the anniversary of his death in 1890.

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UNUM OMNES – International Council of Catholic Men – is a world-wide organisation having members in 44 countries. It was formed in Lourdes, France, in 1948. The Irish Hierarchy nominated the Knights of St. Columbanus as the Irish representative to Unum Omnes. The organisation has its head office in the Vatican. The current president, Edward Prah KSG.

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