The Order is structured in three tiers. Primary Councils are the foundation of the Order and are found in many Irish cities and towns. Provincial Councils are formed from Primary Councils and are usually defined by Diocesan areas. The management of each Primary and Provincial councils are the same, headed up by a Grand Knight and supported by a Deputy Grand Knight, Secretary, Treasurer, Chancellor, Registrar, Warden, Advocate and Chaplain.

Primary Councils

Provincial Councils

Supreme Executive

The Order of Knights of St Columbanus is made up of 12 Provincial Councils across Ireland. The Provincial Councils are formed by the Primary Council Grand Knights and Deputy Grand Knights and/or nominated members from those Primary Councils. All members from the Provincial area are entitled to attend monthly meetings. Each Provincial Council has an Executive Committee. (see Provincial Councils) They send representatives to membership of the Council of Directors. (see Council of Directors)

Supreme Council/Executive members are elected every three years at the Orders Stated Annual Meeting from Primary Council Grand Knights and Deputies, Provincial Grand Knights and Deputies and members of the Council of Directors and existing Supreme Council members. (see Supreme Executive)

The Northern Area Committee

The Northern Area Committee (NAC) is formed from Areas 2,3,4 and 10. It’s main role is to support the Primary and Provincial Councils in the North of Ireland. This was set up due to the differences in legislation and issues that were/are predominately found in Northern Ireland, Matters such as Civil Rights, Religious Discrimination, employment discrimination etc.