Is the Order Recruiting?

We never stop recruiting. The Order always welcomes new members for the following reasons:

  • To further promote our aims and objectives.
  • To avoid too much work being left to the few.
  • To maximise our potential as an agency of the lay Apostolate.
  • To combat the ever-increasing threat to Christian standards in Ireland.
  • To help our Church, communities, and families and enrich our faith.

Who may join?

We welcome into our ranks, Catholic men in full communion with the Church, who want to serve Christ and use their talents and skills towards the promotion of Christian values and principles within society. We need men who want to make a difference and help restore Christian values and oppose an increasingly secular and relative Ireland.

Membership of the Order is open to Catholic males 18 years and older. Prospective new members are nominated by an existing member to join a particular Primary Council. They must be practising Catholics as defined by the Church and over eighteen years of age.

If you are prepared to give your time and effort without material reward, and you can offer full commitment a few hours a month and are interested in learning more about the Knights of Saint Columbanus, please contact the number or email below, for more information.