John Clancy

As Supreme Chancellor of the Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus, John Clancy oversees Ceremonial and Welfare on the Supreme Executive and Formation when the Supreme Chaplain is not in attendance. He is involved in organising the Order’s annual Pilgrimages and the different ceremonies at the Stated Annual Meeting. The Chancellor is also very much involved in organising the Order’s overseas pilgrimages.

He is responsible for the observance of ceremonial in the Order and the submission to the Council of Directors for variation in ceremonial regalia. He also advises and supervises the Chancellors of Provincial Councils’ activities and is available to give them whatever help or advice they need.    

John is a long-time member of the Knights of St. Columbanus, having joined the Order in 1997. John served for three years as Supreme Registrar, having been elected to that post in October 2017. He served three-year terms as Provincial Chancellor, Deputy Provincial Grand Knight and Provincial Grand Knight in his Area. He was elected Supreme Chancellor in November 2020, and he brings a lot of experience to that post.

John is a retired Civil Servant, having worked for many years in the Revenue Department and the Department of Social Protection. John is very much an outdoor person, and when time and weather permits, he loves to climb different mountains during the summer with some of his friends.

John is married to Margaret, and they live in Co. Donegal. They have three grown-up children. He is a keen game angler and is a member of several Angling Clubs in Donegal. He loves to fish the many rivers and lakes throughout the county for Trout and Salmon from January to the end of September. He also loves to fish his favourite rivers and lakes in Mayo and Sligo regularly in the summertime. He is also a keen golfer and is a member of his local Golf Club, where he plays every week. He also loves to play the many courses in his adopted county when time permits and when he is not fishing.